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Monday, August 30, 2010

1 year

bila di fikir en balik.
aku ada setahun je kat sini.

and now, just like 10+ month je tinggal.

slow the time please?

i just don't want to rush even in this short time

Sunday, August 29, 2010

eid mubarak

open house open house!

cari rumah sana sini.
bila dah jumpa.
terdiam pulak.

hari raya <3
please make it come true

Saturday, August 28, 2010

you again

S : now now, try now!

H : no no! don't rush!

S : but why? now is the right time. (:

H : no, not yet. you have lots of things to settle first.
take your time. its not the time yet. wait for the turning point.

S : but till when i have to wait?

H : i also don't know. maybe just wait.

S : sigh~ i can't wait till some one take it first.

H : errr..

S : don't you remember what happened last three year?

H : yes. i remember for damn sure.

S : you want that to happen again?

H : that was a great lost. just missed a few seconds. sigh~

S : . . . . .

S : i hope she can read our hints.

H : i hope she can wait for us.

heart and soul

Friday, August 27, 2010



i was just too shy to tell you

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


sumpah terkejut.
lecturer yg first time aku jmpe mcm dah " adoi! cmne la kalau aku blaja gn dia nnt "
xde la, dia ckp cm tak clear sgt do.
so aku risau la tak phm ape dia ckp. lgpn dia brazilian. hehe. slang dia lain.

first lecture dia lak.
aku mcm nk mati gntuk.
xde la. mmg aku suka chem. tp dia cerita pasal history chem.
aku bajet bnda tu cm tak pnting. cm intro je.
so aku pn layan la mata aku ni.
lama do dia cerita. 2,3 lecture gak dia bantai. HAHA!
aku tiba tiba cm dah lari minat kat chem ni.
padahal, masa mdm chio dlu. gila smgt bljr. HEE!

last last, baru la aku taw. rupa ye. history pasal chem tu pnting smua.
bkn intro pn.
HAHA! mati la aku. sape suro mls focus en?

tp for now ok la.
aku dpt ikut lg.
yg trtggal dlu tu dpt cover.
test gn lab dia smua ok la. hehe.

tp td plg tak tahan.
dia dtg kat aku masa kat lab.
aku ingt asal la.
dia cm ckp " hariri, how its going? u get it? "
aku pn " yes, ok sir. evrytin fine (: "

tiba tiba. " u did a good performnce for now, keep ur good work. i really hope u can bcme a chemist one day "

aku (: dalam hati cm da " WHAT?! " haha! biar btl ape aku dgr ni?
aku ni bkn pndai sgt weh. HAHA! soo funny.

act, i really wnt to b one bfre. but. now i chnge it. idk y. (:

Monday, August 16, 2010


never tend to catch two balls in the same time,

if you know that you just have one hand.
just try your best to catch one.
then hold it tight.
don't ever lets it go.

it's better,
than you didn't get any,
if you still 'rock-headed' to try with two balls.

"even though you have two hands,
just try with a ball please (:"

mr. D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



mane satu?

terus disini?