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Saturday, August 28, 2010

you again

S : now now, try now!

H : no no! don't rush!

S : but why? now is the right time. (:

H : no, not yet. you have lots of things to settle first.
take your time. its not the time yet. wait for the turning point.

S : but till when i have to wait?

H : i also don't know. maybe just wait.

S : sigh~ i can't wait till some one take it first.

H : errr..

S : don't you remember what happened last three year?

H : yes. i remember for damn sure.

S : you want that to happen again?

H : that was a great lost. just missed a few seconds. sigh~

S : . . . . .

S : i hope she can read our hints.

H : i hope she can wait for us.

heart and soul

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